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Navigating the intricacies of lease renewals for phone masts can be a daunting task. As specialists in the field, we understand the complexities of the Electronic Communications Code and how it affects operators’ ability to renegotiate lease agreements. Our team is dedicated to helping landlords secure fair and favourable lease terms, ensuring that you maximise the value of your assets while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the operator.

How it works

Streamlined Lease Renewal Support

Initial Assessment

Evaluate your current lease or Heads of Terms provided by the operator.


Expert Advice

Receive in-depth guidance on market rents, lease terms, and legal aspects.


Negotiation Expertise

Ensure a fair rent and favourable clauses in your lease renewal.


Legal Completion

We work alongside your solicitor to oversee the completion of your lease. 



Why Choose Our Lease Renewals Service

Agree a new market rent

Modernise lease clauses to compensate for changes in technology

Lift and shift clauses for essential repairs

Allow for redevelopment in the short-term medium or long-term

Agree maintenance procedures

Improve insurance and indemnity clauses

Reroute utilities and electrical cabling

Enhance and improve health and safety issues

Improve landlord and tenant relationships

Improve and enhance site/property security

Improve access arrangements

Improve rent review clauses

Comprehensive Lease Renewals Overview

The Digital Economy Act, passed in December 2017, gave operators more power to force new phone mast lease agreements with lower rents on Landlords.

A phone mast advice company can help you navigate the complex legal and financial issues that are likely to arise during lease renewal negotiations. They can provide expert advice on market rents, lease terms, and legal considerations, and can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement with the operator.

The Phone Mast Advice Company is one of the UK’s leading specialist agents, who provide advice on contract terms for phone mast leases and licence agreements.

If your lease has expired or the operator has contacted you and issued Heads of Terms for a new agreement, contact us today to find out how we can get you the best new lease and highest rental possible for your phone mast agreement.

We can review your previous phone mast contract and give a basic free consultation on the best way forward.

Important reasons for renewing a lease

For landowners, phone mast leases can provide a steady source of income and can be a way to make use of unused or underutilised land.

Phone mast lease agreements typically include terms such as the amount of rent to be paid, the duration of the lease, and any conditions or restrictions on the use of the land. The lease agreement may also address issues such as maintenance, insurance, and access to the site.

Phone mast leases are important for telecommunications companies to expand and improve their network coverage, as they need to have a physical presence in different areas to provide reliable service to their customers.

Unfortunately, telecommunications companies often seek to negotiate lower rents with landlords for the installation and operation of phone masts on their properties.

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