Electricity Costs Recovery

Recover Unpaid Electricity Costs

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Reclaiming unpaid electricity costs for your property has never been easier with our Electricity Costs Recovery service. Let us assist you in identifying unclaimed electric or unauthorised connections and recovering the compensation you deserve.

How it works

Recover Unpaid Electricity Costs

Lease Assessment

Conduct a thorough review of your lease agreement to identify operator connections.

Sub-Meter Verification

Verify the installation of sub-meters (check-meters) for accurate electricity consumption tracking.

Legal Compliance Check

Ensure the operator is complying with the lease agreement and obligations regarding electricity usage.

Negotiation and Recovery

Negotiate with operators for the recovery of any unpaid electricity costs and secure fair compensation.


Documentation and Resolution

Ensuring completion of any required documentation and assist in dispute resolution if necessary.


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Comprehensive Electricity Costs Recovery Overview

Telecom installations require a reliable power supply, and operators typically have their own direct connection from the Regional Electricity Company (REC) or connect into the landlord’s supply. The lease agreement with the operator should explicitly state if they have the right to connect to the landlord’s supply. Unfortunately, oversights occur, and connections are made without proper authorisation.

Reclaiming unpaid electricity costs for your property can be a complex process that demands expertise and diligence. Our Electricity Costs Recovery service is meticulously designed to address this challenge head-on. From identifying unclaimed electric or unauthorised connections to negotiating fair compensation, our comprehensive approach ensures that you not only recover what is rightfully yours but also gain peace of mind.

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