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Our Rent Reviews service is your key to ensuring fairness in your phone mast lease agreements. Phone operators may seek lower rents, but we are here to safeguard your interests. With regular rent reviews and expert negotiation, we maximise your rental income while protecting your assets.

How it works

Unlocking Your Lease’s Full Potential

Lease Assessment

We review your specific lease and determine the market rent.


Legal Trigger

We send a formal trigger notice to initiate the rent review legally, safeguarding your rights.


Negotiation Expertise

We negotiate with the operator’s agent for a fair market rent.


Secure Legal Documentation

We ensure the new rent is paid correctly, including any backdated payments and interest.


Dispute Resolution

If needed, we assist with dispute resolution to ensure fair rent agreements.


Expert Reports

We can facilitate expert reports when third-party determination is required for rent reviews.



Why Choose Our Rent Reviews Service

Maximised Income

Lease Renewal Optimisation

Backdated Rent Recovery

Asset Value Enhancement

Expert Negotiation

Rent Protection Advice

Legal Safeguards

Market-Leading Expertise

Comprehensive Rent Reviews Overview

A mobile phone mast rent review is typically conducted at regular intervals, often every 3–5 years, to ensure that the rent being paid for the use of the land or property is fair and reflective of the current market value. In addition, even if a rent was originally set at market value, it is often beneficial to include a rent review to the retail price index (RPI) to take into account inflation. During a rent review, the landlord, and the operator will negotiate the new rent of the phone mast, taking into consideration the length of the lease, and any other specific terms. During this period, the rental for the mobile phone mast rents can significantly increase.

The Phone Mast Advice Company can assist by not only securing the highest rent possible for your mobile phone mast, we will also ensure the increased rent is backdated to the date the rent review was due. In some cases, there may be more than one rent review outstanding.

Our vast knowledge and extensive database of comparable deals guarantees successful negotiations with any phone mast operators. Even in the current climate, we are negotiating significant increases in rent.

If the parties cannot come to an agreement during the rent review process, they may seek arbitration or mediation to resolve any disputes. In some cases, the rent may be determined by an independent third-party valuer or surveyor who will assess the market value of the land and the value of the phone mast to determine a fair rent amount.

Mobile phone operators are now sending out letters to Landlord’s requesting significant rent reduction, or they risk being taken to court and in some cases losing all the phone mast income. As a result, The Phone Mast Advice Company are also offering a rent protection advice service.

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