Decoding Unpaid Electricity Costs: Essential Insights for Landlords (2024)

by | 26 Mar 2024 | Advice

As landlords, managing the various aspects of property ownership involves tackling a range of challenges. One often overlooked issue is the matter of unpaid electricity costs linked to telecom installations. In this exploration, we will delve into the dynamics of this challenge and provide valuable insights for landlords seeking to effectively address and rectify the issue.

Understanding the Dynamics:

Telecom installations rely on a steady power supply, often connected directly to the Regional Electricity Company (REC) or the landlord’s electricity supply with proper authorisation. The lease agreement should explicitly outline the terms, but oversights can occur, leading to unclaimed electricity costs and unauthorised connections.

Unpaid electricity costs

Key Steps for Landlords

1. Review Lease Agreements:

Thoroughly examine lease agreements, ensuring clarity on terms related to electricity connection and costs.

2. Conduct Regular Audits:

Keep a vigilant eye on electricity consumption through regular audits, identifying any anomalies early on.

3. Seek Professional Advice:

We understand that comprehending the intricacies of phone mast leases can be overwhelming for landlords, especially when it comes to dealing with operators to reclaim unpaid electricity costs. This is where seasoned experts, such as The Phone Mast Advice Company, come into play. We will engage in open communication with telecom operators to discuss electricity consumption and seek clarification on lease agreement ambiguities.
Our specialised knowledge and experience can guide landlords through the maze of telecom agreements, providing invaluable support in addressing challenges and ensuring fair compensation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of property management, proactivity is key. Landlords who actively engage with lease agreements, conduct regular audits, and seek professional advice are better positioned to safeguard the value of their properties.

Matthew Restall

Matthew Restall

Matt Restall, the visionary founder of The Phone Mast Advice Company, is an unrivalled authority in providing expert advice on phone mast rents and contractual terms. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Matt has become a revered figure in the industry.