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Our Premium Lease Payment service provides a unique opportunity for landowners with mobile phone mast leases to maximise their assets. Instead of waiting for annual rent payments, convert them into a lump sum now. We connect you with investors and operators, ensuring you secure the best premium lease payment.

How it works

Effortless Lease Monetisation

Property Evaluation

We assess your property and evaluate its lease potential.


Strategic Marketing

We promote your sites to credible investors in the marketplace.


Negotiate Premium Payment

Achieve the best premium lease payment and contractual terms.


Legal Completion

We work alongside your solicitor to oversee the completion of your lease.


Lump Sum Payment

Receive a significant lump sum, regardless of future mast status.


Hassle-Free Transition

The investor or operator takes over ongoing lease negotiations and estate management.



Why Choose Our Premium Lease Payment Service

Non-Returnable Lump Sum

Hassle-Free Estate Management

Rent Maximisation

Investor-Driven Negotiations

Secure Premium Payments

Professional Advisor Support

Monetise Your Lease Value

Market Expertise

Comprehensive Premium Lease Payment Overview

Mobile phone mast leases are valuable assets for which investors will pay large sums of money for the freehold or leasehold of the land on which an operator’s mobile phone mast is located. In most cases, the landlord only needs to sell a leasehold interest in the site, not the freehold. The investor then owns the income stream and is responsible for the ongoing estate management.

Due to the current uncertainty in the telecoms market, many landlords are choosing to swap their annual rent for a lump sum. This way, they do not have to deal with an impending lease renewal, and they can re-invest the capital however they see fit. This option provides security, as the lump sum is non-returnable, regardless of whether the rent falls significantly in the future or whether the mast even remains.

Network operators will sometimes pay a premium lease payment to landowners to secure the right to build, run and maintain a phone mast on land or property. Third party investors who are not network operators will also purchase mast leases for the income stream and investment values.

Ultimately, there are many factors to consider when deciding to sell the phone mast lease on your property, which will depend greatly on your individual circumstances and priorities. It is a decision that should be carefully considered and ideally made with help of a professional advisor.

The Phone Mast Advice Company can provide an excellent agency service and market your sites to all credible investors in the marketplace and can achieve the best premium lease payment and contractual terms for your phone mast lease sale.

Important points:

  • the investor or operator purchasing the mast will deal with any ongoing lease renewal or lease negotiations, which avoids the risk of litigation
  • the third party investor will be focused on keeping the rent as high as possible so when the lease premium payment term ends the chances of your phone mast lease coming back to you on a higher rent can increase
  • most credible third-party investors will have a well organised estates management department that will deal with access requests, upgrades and ongoing estate management issues which reduces the hassle or burden for the land or property owner
  • you receive a large lump sum payment which you won’t need to return if the network operator removes the mast

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