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Please read this if you have been issued with a formal request to assign your agreement.

Sometimes, operators wish to assign the agreement to a third party. This could be because of acquisitions or mergers, or often because it will financially benefit the tenant in some way. As the landlord, you need to be sure that agreeing to the assignment will not be to your detriment.

As your agent we would look to advise you on the pros and cons of allowing an assignment, whether you have any grounds to refuse it, what you can gain financially and whether there are any other changes to the contract we can negotiate in return for you allowing the assignment.

If you would like us to deal with negotiations on your behalf, we will engage with the operator and extract the best possible deal for you.

Mobile Phone Mast Upgrades

Most mobile phone operators often wish to replace, renew or upgrade their existing mobile phone mast equipment. In some cases, the new equipment can fall outside of the rights granted within the existing mobile phone mast lease / agreement and requires the landlords consent. The Phone Mast Advice Company is able to confirm if any proposed upgrades are permitted within the lease or whether amendments are needed to existing agreements. In addition, if amendments are needed, we can often agree financial compensation.

In most cases The Phone Mast Advice Company can recover our agents fees from the operator, providing a free service to the landlord.

Mobile Phone Mast Management and Portfolios

Landlords can sometimes find overseeing the ongoing concern of a mobile phone mast very time consuming, especially if they have more than one site. This can result in rent being paid

late and mobile phone mast rent reviews and lease renewals not being completed properly. In some cases, the landlord may lose significant amounts of revenue.

The Phone Mast Advice Company can manage your phone mast and any ongoing concerns for a minimal management fee. We already act on behalf of large utility companies, councils, hotel and supermarket chains, ensuring their phone mast portfolio is efficiently managed and generating as much income as possible.

Why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?

Mobile Phone Mast Site Shares

Third party equipment can be located on an existing operator’s mobile phone mast in a process often referred to as a ‘site share’. Some leases or legal agreements already have provisions in place to pay landlords a percentage of any site share income a mobile phone operator may receive as a result of a site share with a 3rd party. Other leases do not permit site sharing and this is where we can negotiate to secure financial compensation.

The Phone Mast Advice Company can help Landlords obtain the best site share income from their mobile phone masts and also check that the site share income being received is correct.

Mobile operators make significant income when site sharing with other operators. Often mast owners can lose out when this income is not passed on fairly. Even if a lease already permits site sharing, it is worth checking that they are not breaching the agreement in some other way. We can provide you with advice on mobile phone mast site sharing and help agree you the best site share rents in the market place.

Site Audit

We find on some phone masts, especially where landlords are not professionally represented, there is more equipment on the masts than the agreement permits or that the equipment falls outside the legal demise. If this is the case, we can normally significantly increase the rent and often recover thousands of pounds in back dated rent. For more information on this please call us to discuss.

Our Services

Lease Renewals

We’re one of the UK´s leading specialist agents, who provides advice on contract terms for phone mast leases and license agreements.

Rent Reviews

Our vast knowledge and extensive database of comparable deals guarantees successful negotiations with any phone mast operators.

New Lettings

We all advise not to let mobile phone operators on your land or property until you have sought professional advice.

Mast Sales

Mobile phone masts are valuable assets for which investors will pay large sums of money for the freehold of the land on which your mobile phone mast is located.

Redevelopment & Removals

We can review existing mobile phone mast leases / agreements and provide the best advice on removing the operator if required.

Other Services

We offer a range of services, including offering advice on assignments, we can deal with negotiations on your behalf, engage with the operator and extract the best possible deal for you.