Forced lease renewal on landlords as operators serve notices

by | 11 Jun 2020 | Industry News

Forced lease renewals – Mobile phone operators are serving notices all over the UK.

The Part 4 or Part 5 Notices are being served by all the major phone mast operators, including: Vodafone, EE, Arqiva, O2, and Hutchinson 3G.

The legal notices are an attempt by the operators to try to enforce new agreements under the Electronic Communications Code (as set out in the Digital economy Act 2017).

Matt Restall, director at The Phone Mast Advice Company comments: “While we have seen many Part 4 and 5 Notices served on phone mast landlords, operators appear confused whether either of these can be relied on.”

A Part 4 Notice is served to a tenant looking for a new agreement and a Part 5 Notice is served to renew an agreement that has expired.

Matt continues: “Legal notices can be a scare tactic by the operators but should not simply be ignored. If you have received a Part 4 or Part 5 Notice for your phone mast and are concerned about what this could mean for your phone mast and rental income, you must take action before the deadline on the Notice.”

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Matthew Restall

Matthew Restall

Matt Restall, the visionary founder of The Phone Mast Advice Company, is an unrivalled authority in providing expert advice on phone mast rents and contractual terms. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Matt has become a revered figure in the industry.