Arqiva assign sites to Arqiva Services

by | 16 Jan 2020 | Industry News

Arqiva assigns sites to Arqiva Services

Arqiva are seeking to assign their telecoms mast agreements to Arqiva Services.

Landlords across the UK have been receiving requests to allow the assignment of their Arqiva telecoms agreement to Arqiva Services. Many are questioning who this company is? What does it mean “Arqiva assigns sites”? What is their relationship to Arqiva? What are the implications of an assignment and should they allow it.

Arqiva are primarily an infrastructure in the world of telecoms rather than a telecoms operator themselves. They own phone mast towers across the UK and allow the operators to use space on these towers for their equipment. Quite often, you find an Arqiva phone mast has EE, O2, Vodafone and 3 all transmitting from it.
Arqiva recently agreed to sell its telecom tower portfolio to Spanish owned company Cellnex. It is thought the drive to assign their leases to Arqiva Services is an attempt to separate these assets from Arqiva’s other assets and business to facilitate this sale.

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